Snakes on a Road Trip: PyCon 2014!
by April 9, 2014

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PyCon is always a hotly anticipated event, and this year I’m quite excited to be headed up to Montreal with my coworkers Kristin, Ari, and Dan. Better yet, this is the first conference that we’re attending via road trip! I’ve done the same journey by train before, and we’ll have some nice scenery to look at as we travel. The main downside is that the drive from Boston to Montreal is a solid six hours and includes a border crossing, but I really want the trip to go smoothly, so I’ll make sure to bring enough Slayer and show tunes to last the whole way there (and back!).

We may have finished planning out our booth a while ago, but my schedule’s still a little hectic the week of because I’m finalizing plans to visit friends and customers in Montreal. I love doing on-site visits whenever I travel (want me to come to your city? Drop a line!). We always try to squeeze in a few hands-on trainings, but it’s also great to just chat over drinks about what features we’re adding next, and to hear how our products are used in the real world.

Speaking of the real world, we’ll definitely be venturing out into it. Sending four people to the conference means that each of us will have plenty of time to not only attend the event beyond the exhibit hall, but to experience the city’s history and culture. I’m particularly looking forward to the PyCon dinner at the Vieux Port Steakhouse (mmm, goat cheese!). Plus, like any cross-border trip, I’m headed there with a shopping list from my friends back in Boston.

Are you planning your PyCon trip? If you’re headed there, make sure to stop by the exhibit hall and say hi! We’ll be at booth 214 demoing TraceView and handing out awesome t-shirts:


If you’re working a booth yourself, I suspect we’ll run into each other – I like to do a circuit and hear about what everyone else is up to. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from everyone in Startup Row!

Not able to make it to our booth at Montreal? We’ll also be attending DrupalCon in Austin and Velocity in Santa Clara. And if you’re a Boston local, send me an email if you want to get involved in running DevOpsDays Boston 2014!

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