Fix it Now Profile: Network Problem #1
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fletcher thomson network performance case study



Name and Job title: Jack Turek,  IT Network manager

Company: Fletcher-Thompson, Inc.
Architecture and Engineering design firm

Network Problem:
As the network manager for a fast paced architecture and engineering firm, Jack is managing a system with five locations stretching the east coast from Florida to Connecticut. Unfortunately Jack didn’t have the capability to continuously monitor or truly understand the performance for each location and traffic between them. Therefore, he couldn’t respond to complaints from his end users because he couldn’t see where the problems were occurring.

How to fix it?
The PathView systems engineer worked with Jack to configure PathView to monitor to 2 of the locations; and set Service Quality Definitions to do Deep Path Analysis whenever they saw any packet loss or dip in expected bandwidth.  PathView was able to identify some congestion problems at one of the sites in particular. PathView’s troubleshooting and monitoring solutions provided insight into the location of the problem and the exact cause: running a backup program was eating up the limited bandwidth and effecting users – leading to complaints and problems across the network.

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