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In the latest 13.6 Monitoring Point release, we’ve made significant improvements to Work From Anywhere workforce visibility, allowing you to keep these users productive at all times.


This release pays special attention to your macOS workforce.

  • macOS Monterey - Support for the latest macOS.
  • macOS M1 CPU - Support for Apple’s newest generation of laptops.
  • WiFi 6 - 802.11ax - Support for the latest generation wifi protocol now included with M1 laptops. Note: 802.11ax is now also supported on Windows.

Connection Types

Expand visibility from the office, cloud, and data center to the end user and their local environment to pinpoint root causes of performance issues for WFH employees. macOS now supports the ability to instantly identify which users are on wireless and who’s using VPN. Connectivity is crucial in the office and at home for hybrid workers. But while office connections are wired or carefully planned access point meshes, home networks are plagued with inefficiencies.

Wireless Metrics

For those users having problems with wireless connections, quickly spot weak signals and direct users closer to their access point. Easily catch channel hopping, band changes, and old wireless protocols that can destroy link speed and lead to loss and poor performance.

Also in 13.6

  • Windows IPv6 - Monitor IPv6 targets from your workstation users.
  • Windows 11 - Support for Microsoft’s latest generation Windows OS.

What’s coming

Early in 2022 we’ll be updating the macOS deployment of the Workstation Monitoring Point with the updated Host metrics and Top processes to better troubleshoot and support your macOS users. AppNeta continues to offer expanded insight into per-user performance and usage patterns of VPNs, WiFi, and critical Host Metrics including CPU, memory, and top applications in use, to quickly solve the most pressing end user issues.

Example 1 - High CPU (Windows now, coming soon to macOS)

“Hi Bob, looks like your network is fine but that slowness you reported around 2:45 was likely due to some malicious software being removed and your anti-virus re-scanning.“

“Hi Bob, looks like your signal was very poor right around 5:45 when you were having issues. Link speed dropped way down too. I can see your signal is great earlier in the day. Are you moving about the house?”


Hybrid Work
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