Performance Sensitive Application Network Requirements
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As applications evolve, so does the infrastructure that supports them.  In terms of network dependent applications, the applications of today are dramatically more performance sensitive than the ones of yesterday.  Voice over IP, video conferencing, and virtual desktop infrastructure all rely heavily on high bandwidth, low latency networks to perform without hiccups and service interruptions.  So how well does a network need to perform for each of these applications?

We put together the following network performance requirements chart through consulting various experts and application providers.

Sensitive Application Network Requirements

In order to meet the requirements of an increasingly performance demanding business world, it is more important than ever to ensure that your networks are performing.

The PathView Cloud product not only allows you to monitor the performance of your networks remotely, it also will pro-actively detect violations in service level thresholds that you set and notify you.  Alternatively, PathView can be used to pre-assess networks to see if they meet the standards for delivering satisfactory performance before each of these deployments. Take a look at how we’re monitoring our live business environment here!

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