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A Salesforce Performance Dashboard that Actually Measures the Performance to You

Salesforce is the poster child for Saas services, and any company starting new customer-focused programs is very likely to have Salesforce at its core. With the ecosphere of thousands of partners and tens of thousands of add-ons and integrations, Salesforce is a critical for the 80,000+ business who rely on it.

All critical business services require proper monitoring, ensuring that the service us up and running, and Salesforce provides a status dashboard at .

But this dashboard is not for you.

Sure, it reports on which instances are having issues in the Salesforce infrastructure, which is important but if this is your only method of determining the user experience of your users to, you are going to fail. This dashboard tells you nothing about how well Salesforce is actually PERFORMING to YOUR LOCATIONS and to YOUR USERS.

That is why be built CRMcheckr.

AppNeta is a heavy user, and we wanted a better way to measure the performance from our offices to Salesforce, and present it in a way that can be understood by anyone, not just hard core network junkies.

CRMCheckr measures how well Salesforce is performing from your location by continuously assessing the real-time network performance over your LAN and WAN connections to your SalesForce instance and compares that performance against SLAs created by AppNeta in conjunction with SalesForce customer support. CRMcheckr actually follows a 5 step process specifically which not only measures the overall user experience of, it performs the troubleshooting steps to identify the scope of the issue if performance is poor:

  1. Can your office connect to the internet : First things first, is your office connected to the internet? We maintain measurement targets at data centers around North America to definitively tell if your office has internet connectivity.
  2. Can your office connect to your Salesforce instance : This step makes sure that DNS is working and the underlying network route from your office to Salesforce is working and working well.
  3. Can you make a web connection to your Salesforce instance : Make sure that your office can successfully make a web connection to your specified instance.
  4. Can AppNeta's remote web monitors connect your Salesforce instance : AppNeta is also monitoring all Salesforce instances so we can help you identify if the any network performance issue is isolated to just you or is wider in scope.
  5. Is reporting an issue with your Salesforce instance : Finally we take the RSS feed directly from Salesforce so you know if there is an internal issue within the infrastructure.

Thats great… now can I actually understand what it's telling me?

CRMcheckr uses some pretty advanced networking technology to compare the actual network performance against the SLAs defined by Salesforce for the desired operation of their service. But that doesn't mean you need to know the first thing about network performance to understand what CRMcheckr is telling you.

All performance metrics are automatically interpreted by CRMcheckr and translated into one of four statuses, modelled after the ones used on so they should be familiar to Salesforce Admins:

The monitored instance is online and all aspects of the performance SLAs are being met.

The monitored instance is online but one or more aspect of the performance SLA is not being met. CRMcheckr will tell you which aspects of the SLA are not being met and for how long.

CRMcheckr cannot connect to the monitored instance, your network connectivity could be down, or the instance is having issues. You can check AppNeta's connection to your instance to identify if its not your network or Salesforce.

There is no monitoring data available, most likely that the computer where you installed CRMcheckr is offline, or has been been online for less than 5 minutes.


CRMcheckr always gives you the current status to, but we also maintain detailed information about the most recent 7 days, and you can view an hour by hour breakdown by clicking on the status icon for any previous day.

A detail panel will slide open, giving you the same status indicators on an hour by hour basis, and if you mouse over any hour, a detailed message about what was wrong and for how long  will be shown:

But What About…

As I’ve said, CRMcheckr is designed to make it easy to understand your performance to, but if you or the IT staff at your company want to dig into the gory details about what exactly was detected on the network and where, the CRMcheckr service maintains all of the network performance metrics behind the scenes and you can schedule a call with one of our network performance experts to review that data.

I want this as a tab in my Salesforce user interface…

So do we, and that is why we have submitted this for approval in the marketplace. You can sign up for the service now, and once its approved you can easily have it as a tab right within your Salesforce screens.

We will always maintain it as a standalone app, since the tool that tells you is down should still be available even if is down.

Signup for a Free CRMcheckr Account Now

But Wait Theres More…

CRMcheckr is very thorough for a free service, but it is only a small fraction of what the entire AppNeta Service can do for you.

  • Want to know how many people are using and how often? We can do that for you.

  • Want to know what else they are doing on the internet besides Yea, we can do that too.

  • Want to see if is being slowed down by that new  3rd party plugin you just added? Got that covered.

  • Want to have CRMcheckr not just check if us up, but have it actually log in and use like an actual user and alert you if that performance is poor? No problem.

We can demonstrate all of these great things, plus some other neat tricks on that call with an AppNeta Performance Expert to analyze your performance.

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