PathView Partner Go-To-Market Success
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microappliance from appnetaMy name is Robb Corduck, I’m Vice President of AppNeta’s Regional Partner Business Unit. I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss an interesting and emerging go-to-market strategy that we are seeing with many of our PathView Cloud Partners.  As our Partners have quickly realized, PathView Cloud is particularly well suited to conduct pre-deployment or troubleshooting assessments for VoIP, Video and general bandwidth, etc. especially for customers with multiple sites and complicated WAN and MPLS circuits to support these business critical networks.  PathView Cloud easily provides you with detailed assessment reports regardless of VoIP or Video vendors used by the client, and also enable our Partners to deliver professional, co-branded assessment reports.

Network performance assessments are a critical first step in assuring performance of your business applications. But, the assessment is only the beginning of revenue-generating opportunities with PathView Cloud

I see the assessment as a unique and compelling event that creates urgency for our Partners to deploy an AppNeta microAppliance at the client sites. Within just a few minutes, our Partners deploy the AppNeta appliances and conduct assessments quickly and easily. This is precisely the point where our Partners are realizing the extensive value of leaving the appliances behind at the customer location and selling their clients on-going network monitoring services powered by AppNeta.

The benefits are tremendous!  FlowView, FlowView Plus (remote packet capture) and the AppView Web capabilities can be enabled “on-demand” to deliver on-going performance metrics and real-time alerting and dashboards critical to proactively identifying and troubleshooting user- impacting network issues. Many Partners are assuming the management of their customers’ network monitoring which is easy because of the  Software-as-a-Service nature of the AppNeta solutions. This approach also turns the assessments from a one-time cost / small revenue opportunity into an on-going service revenue opportunity generating more revenue and client stickiness for our Partners.

As our Partners are proving time and again, the on-going monitoring is a perfect extension to their network assessment services. Every time an assessment is done and the appliances are pulled out of the customer’s site, you are losing a revenue opportunity and your clients are incurring a huge opportunity cost. Without ongoing monitoring services, it could be days or weeks — rather than minutes — to understand the root causes that create costly and critical user and business problems.  The costs to productivity, Mean-Time-to-Resolution and impacts on revenue, etc. are often very high even for events that are relatively short in duration. Become a Network Hero, as we often say at AppNeta,  and leverage assessments as opportunities to expand your client relationships and your managed services business with PathView Cloud!

Written by:  Robb Corduck

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