In-Page Help For All: pageguide.js is open source!
by May 23, 2012

Filed under: Performance Monitoring


When AppNeta acquired Tracelytics and their awesome team – we decided to keep their great blog content to document AppNeta’s journey!

We’re very excited to announce a new open-source contribution from Tracelytics: pageguide.js. It’s a new library that helps you create in-page contextual help and walkthroughs for your web application. In action, it looks something like this: (click for full resolution)

If you’re not familiar with the Tracelytics page guide, it’s an in-page help system for web applications that allows you to highlight the important elements on a page and explain how they relate to the primary purpose of the page. pageguide.js can serve as an interactive guide & walkthrough for your page elements through jQuery and CSS3. This system allows you to put contextual information about features in web apps, without cluttering the interface with any static help links or explanatory text, and it stays out of the way of your advanced users who don’t need distractions.


You might remember that a few months ago, we first wrote about pageguide’s debut. We were really wowed by the reactions that we got from the social web and in our email box from our users. As a result of that feedback, we’ve continued to work on developing pageguide into a flexible system so that other developers could adopt it into their own web applications, and renamed it pageguide.js. You try it out live on our GitHub page, or download the source for yourself so that you can start hacking on it.

You can see it and use it right away, and please feel free fork it on GitHub, send us any bugs you find, and submit pull requests. We hope this is something you find useful in developing web applications and helping your users discover your functionality.