Only half of IT knowingly employ Network Monitoring, AppNeta report finds
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According to the findings of our 2019 State of Enterprise IT report, only 53.5% of all enterprises are knowingly employing a network performance monitoring solution.

That means that despite the fact that enterprises the world over are, by and large, overhauling their legacy networks to embrace enterprise decentralization, only about half of IT teams are even sure they have a tool in place to keep tabs on performance throughout the overhaul.

This figure becomes even more glaring when you realize that roughly 33 percent of IT teams polled in our survey are receiving network complaints on a daily or weekly basis. Without greater visibility to resolve these issues fast enough to satisfy the needs of end users and the larger business, the biggest impact to business respondents feel are:

  • Employee frustration/bad atmosphere (40.1%)
  • Lack of productivity (24.5%)
  • Lost revenue (15.7%)
  • Data loss (9.9%)
  • Brand Damage (7%)

(ranked in descending order of biggest impact, according to respondent data)

All of these issues can generally be attributed to a lack of visibility into end user experience that’s chronic across the enterprise space. When organizations decentralize, IT teams are impacted mightily, and issue resolution has the potential to suffer in kind. In this scenario, IT remains centralized while remote offices and workers grow. In many instances, this results in a lack of local IT at branch locations, which is often a top hindrance to resolution among those polled (17.8 percent).

Lack of overall staff availability (25.6 percent) is another major roadblock, as budgets favor network overhaul projects over staffing, while poor management tools (24.8 percent) and a lack of visibility into the app delivery path (24.7 percent) are also failing IT.

In reality, effective network monitoring tools should be able to help solve almost all of the problems IT faces as they get stretched thin in the wake of decentralization, identifying not just blind spots between centralized IT and the branch office, but all of the hops in between. When viewed through this lens, it’s baffling that barely more than half of respondents knowingly employ any kind of network monitoring solution, let alone a comprehensive one.

All of that goes without even emphasizing that there is a wide variety of network performance monitoring tools on the market. These run the gamut from limited-scope solutions that can’t see beyond network firewalls, to tools that only monitor traffic up until it goes into the cloud, with no hop-by-hop visibility into environments that enterprise IT doesn’t own along the way.

Then there’s AppNeta. Our solution is enterprise IT’s ultimate partner for digital transformation, because it encompasses all areas of the network that teams need to be apprised of to ensure success. Our 4-Dimensional approach involves collecting path, packet, web synthetics and flow data that can give network teams visibility across geographies, beyond firewalls and into all manner of cloud environments.


2019 State of Enterprise IT
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