CEO Notes…New Year, New Office, New Company!
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The last four weeks have been a blur! Between wrapping up our third quarter, the holidays, and, oh-yes, moving the company to downtown Boston, it has been a whirlwind.

In real estate, they say that location is everything. Well, I am starting to think the same might be true for starting a business. For the past 3 years, AppNeta has been located in a quiet office building in Wellesley Hills, MA.  The space was certainly suitable to meet our needs, and if you wanted a good seat to see the Boston Marathon go by, then this was the place.

But we wanted to attract young sales talent and, well, they generally don’t live in the Weston/Wellesley area codes.  So, as our lease was coming up at year end, the decision was made to move and to make it a big move –into downtown Boston.

What a difference a move makes!  We tripled our space in a high timber-ceiling building with tons of windows and light…all this means ENERGY. Despite the fact that we are only consuming a small fraction, the energy level of the entire company has gone up tremendously. I feel that the move was the perfect ending to the transition out of Apparent Networks and is an exclamation point on the launch of AppNeta.

AppNeta Boston Office

We launched the AppNeta service 2 years ago and, in a short time, we have put a big dent in the world of remote site application and network performance management. The deployment of PathView appliances went from ZERO to SEVERAL THOUSAND in just under 2 years, as our business grew nearly 400% over the past year.  Of course the best part is still to come. We have made great progress on our vision to change the game in IT and performance management with our cloud-based service and our hyper-agile development team in Vancouver continues to rock and deliver feature updates to our cloud-based service on a monthly basis (!).  In a very short time, we went from a single, yet compelling feature (L3 path performance analysis), to a full fault and performance management suite including netflow generation and analysis, packet capture and analysis, and even application performance analysis for VoIP, Video and Web applications. All simple to deploy and affordable, thanks in large part to the cloud.

And the best part of the story is the part that hasn’t been written yet…AppNeta is changing everything. Stay tuned.


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