New from AppNeta: DNS, BGP, SD-WAN support, and more!
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Today AppNeta announced a number of exciting product enhancements that we’ve been working on over the past few months. This includes some major milestones in the software that our development teams have been pushing towards over the past few bi-weekly releases and a whole new line of hardware and virtual monitoring points to enable AppNeta to deliver industry-leading flexibility for deployment of performance monitoring in today’s cloud era.

Industry-leading deployment flexibility

AppNeta enables any enterprise to monitor their network the way they need to. With physical, virtual, and cloud-native monitoring points, AppNeta scales with even the largest distributed organizations. Our new line of monitoring points fit into our existing methodology of offering right-sized physical or virtual options for Small Offices, Large Offices, and Data Centers.

New monitoring point options

The monitoring points offer the full range of performance analysis modes including path, packet, flow, and web from each monitoring point. The range of monitoring points scale from full line-rate analysis of 1 Gbps (Small Office) all the way to 100 Gbps (Data Center) to accommodate even the most intense resource demands. All monitoring points benefit from centralized management and deployment options to allow auto-deployment and auto-configuration monitoring at scale. The existing RESTful API’s have also been extended to permit faster and deeper integration with upstream platforms.

Your Partner for SD-WAN Deployments

The rapid adoption of SD-WAN in the remote office is adding further complication to end-to-end performance visibility. AppNeta’s new suite of monitoring points will enable large enterprises to contextualize application performance across all their locations before, during, and after SD-WAN rollout. The new Small Office monitoring point supports complex SD-WAN deployments easily with increased capacity for multiple concurrent network connections and additional deep packet inspection processing capabilities for real-time application intelligence.

Through our work with multiple customers and an SD-WAN vendor, we’ve seen an increased need for new monitoring methods outside of traditional device-centric approaches as companies adopt SD-WAN and cloud technologies. The common thread is that monitoring is often an afterthought and new SD-WAN deployments are blamed for poor performance even when an ISP is at fault. Our new Small Office monitoring point allows customers to monitor before, during, and after an SD-WAN deployment.

Route Visualization with BGP

AppNeta has long offered the resolution of Internet Service Providers for every network path that we test. We’ve now added further, BGP-derived insights alongside existing path information to automatically understand and monitor WAN routing and carrier ownership. This new data will help users understand the routes used from a specific office to an application, where they converge, and how do they change over time? BGP will also be kept with historical data to identify which routes were active before, during, and after an incident. Of course, all of this data helps to further contextualize AppNeta’s active, end-to-end monitoring that shows you the current path and every hop along the way.

Route Visualization with BGP

Understanding the Impact of DNS on End-User Experience

This release expands the existing DNS monitoring capabilities in the AppNeta Performance Manager with the ability to understand the impact of DNS on end-user experience over time. Customers will now be able to trend the response times and resolution failures of all DNS responses to understand the DNS-related impact on end-user experience.

Experience monitoring DNS data will be resolved for every script with a default frequency of 5 minutes for the target URL tracking metrics like resolution time, DNS server(s), and response codes. AppNeta’s enhanced DNS monitoring will require no additional setup and require no additional licensing. All data will be available via our REST API and retained for one year.

DNS Resolution to

New monitoring points, SD-WAN, BGP, and DNS are only a few examples of how AppNeta is working hard to provide even more value and functionality for our growing customer list. All AppNeta deployments will include access to both BGP and DNS capabilities at no additional cost. We’re pushing beyond traditional network monitoring to provide the most comprehensive, actionable application and network intelligence for a cloud-first world.

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