New Features From AppNeta Bring More Detail, Better Integration
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We’re excited to announce some new features in AppNeta Performance Manager for our customers. Our engineers are constantly incorporating improvements and feature requests so that our application and network monitoring product is easy to use and gives you tons of details to find and solve any performance problems.

Deploying and Accessing AppNeta

You’ll notice a few essential updates in the basics of how you access and interact with AppNeta.

  1. We’re glad to announce that AppNeta Performance Manager is now available for private cloud. There’s a new Private Cloud Server available, and a virtual private cloud option for both KVM and VMware. Get alerts on application usage conditions, like application traffic rates, to become proactive about end-user experience. If you’re ready to upgrade your private cloud deployment, open a support ticket.
  2. All monitoring is performed through Monitoring Points, whether physical or virtual, and whether at your locations or in the cloud. Our new appliances can help you streamline network management—they offer a web admin portal where you can also manage ethernet and wireless interfaces. They support multiple addresses per interface (through the admin API) plus VPN support. And for those of you building on KVM or VMware, there’s now feature parity between those virtual monitoring points (v35) and the physical m35.
  3. On the API front, we’ve made improvements that make the API even more accessible and easy to use. It can now integrate events like diagnostic tests with third-party web services, plus now has web path-related functionality.AppNeta's API improvements aid integration

Performance Manager Product Updates

Our engineers have been busy with some product changes as well. You’re likely already aware of the changes in AppNeta product terminology—we made the switch back in March.

AppNeta's product name changes 2017

Check out these advancements throughout our network monitoring system, all designed to make the AppNeta product even more useful and easy to use.


In this particular section of the product, we’ve been working on making the interface and usability even better. So we’ve added visual enhancements to path charts, so you can see the details even more quickly. You’ll see maximum vs. average values, with the most recent value displayed at the top. Charts now also collapse when rate-limited monitoring is enabled.

AppNeta Delivery has better path charts

In addition, the Delivery section of AppNeta Performance Manager also now includes:

Stay tuned for redesigned geographic dashboards, now in the final stages of testing. They’ll include street-level address availability for Monitoring Points, aggregation of large scale environments for easier use of path status alerts and more.


We’re pleased to introduce some improvements in our Selenium scripting that will give you even more information about how end users are experiencing any given application. You can now get snapshots when there’s a script error, so you’ll be able to see if the error is caused by improper page loading.

The reporting in Experience can now show you a comparison view with milestone names and actively compare up to 20 locations at once, so it’s easy to see exactly where performance varies from location to another.

AppNeta Experience now has comparison reports

You’ll see some key alerting updates so that you can tune your web alerts for specific geographic regions while still maintaining centralized controls:

We’re hoping to find a few savvy testers to use Chrome for AppNeta Performance Manager. If you’re interested in early access to monitoring experience with Chrome, let us know!


We’ve added a whole bunch of new applications in the Usage component of AppNeta Performance Manager—more than 300—including Airbnb, Uber, Shopify, Wall Street Journal, American Express, Fedex and UPS, Slack, Hubspot, GitHub and Zendesk. Plus you can easily create custom app definitions for whatever your users have started using lately.

As always, see updated AppNeta Performance Manager status here, and find the latest release notes here. Enjoy the new features, and keep in touch with comments, questions and requests for our team.

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