New Alerting in TraceView: Tell Your Friends!
by November 24, 2014

Filed under: Industry Insights

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Most of our customers are already familiar with TraceView’s alerts feature – if your app or your site is running slowly, you want to hear about it right away, preferably before it affects your users. You can set an alert to trigger based on error rates, latency of each individual layer of your app or on disk space used, for example.

We first launched alerts back in February 2012. Many customers love them, relying on them for day-to-day monitoring feedback. But we’ve also gotten a lot of feedback about use cases where our alerting wasn’t ideal – well, we were listening!

Today we’ve released enhanced alerting which we hope you’ll find useful.

Notify different people/teams when each alert is triggered

Not all apps are managed by the same team. Individual developers may want to set up their own alerts on particular parts of an app. Or maybe the customer support team wants to tune in on certain types of alerts. Well, now you can have that all, configured on a per-alert basis.

Apply an alert across multiple apps or sites

Want to set up similar alerts across multiple environments? Maybe make sure no host in any app gets over 99% disk full? Now you can assign individual alerts to multiple or all apps, ensuring wide coverage with minimal configuration.

An updated design

The updated alerts interface can now handle larger numbers of alerts and apps. Oh and that preview graph? It’s now interactive.

TraceView alerts!

(Ok, we don’t actually want alerts for >80ms, but we wanted to show off how we highlight the alert trigger range!)

Get Started Today

You can get started right away with our new alerts in your dashboard:

Read more about why alerts are important to us (and how we calculate that graph) here.  Finally, if you have any feedback, we have more good news: TraceView is made by humans who love to hear your thoughts. You can get in touch with us here. Enjoy!