Network Performance Monitoring Critical to EHR Success
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Healthcare practices today run on networked applications that connect remote users (hospitals, physicians, clinics) to centralized or hosted resources. Electronic Health Records (EHR), web-based clinical health programs, inter-site communication and online medical registries are all critically dependent on network and application performance. Any drop in bandwidth or increase in latency can make these applications unusable or inaccessible, potentially compromising patient care.

EHR-1Network and application performance management is particularly critical to healthcare organizations today since applications are bandwidth sensitive. As all sectors of the industry are transitioning to EHRs, the burden of new network-dependent applications can be catastrophic. Without truly understanding network health and available capacity, important applications and services stall or fail completely.

AppNeta is helping hospitals and healthcare organizations around the country to assure the performance of their network and business-critical applications such as hosted EHR. Healthcare IT Industry consultant and analyst Mark Anderson recently wrote a new case study highlighting AppNeta’s work with Beth Israel. After implementing EHR systems at remote clinics, the BI network team was receiving complaints about slow networks and poor application performance from physicians and remote site users. Without visibility into the third party hosted EHR carrier networks or remote sites, they were stuck. The hospital found traditional performance management tools complicated, expensive, time consuming and detailed nothing about the network outside the hospital’s four walls. Anderson’s case study concluded that healthcare organizations that have implemented PathView Cloud experienced the following:

  • 74% reduction in network issues.
  • 57% reduction in network speed issues.
  • 68% reduction in the amount of time it took to resolve a network issue.

Last week, Healthcare IT News also featured PathView Cloud’s role in EHR implementation, focusing on the PathView Cloud service’s ability to provide unlimited visibility into all networks, including third party un-managed networks.  EHRs, VoIP, video and VDI are monitored and tested from the remote user’s perspective to ensure delivery 24/7 across the healthcare network infrastructure.

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