Navigation and Branding Updates
by December 12, 2014

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Longtime AppNeta users will notice a few minor changes when they log into their accounts in the coming days: the simplification of the navigation and module branding within the service. As the features of the AppNeta service have grown over time a number of modules have been added and we are taking this opportunity to update how these capabilities are organized.

Voice and Video

The AppView Voice and AppView Video testing capabilities are now called PathView Voice and PathView Video respectively. This change is being made because these capabilities are closely integrated and always sold with PathView, and in particular can be run from the software-only installations on Windows, Linux and Mac systems.




The AppView Web capability is a major focus for AppNeta, and that plus the fact that the Voice and Video capabilities are now prefaced with the PathVIew name, the general term AppView will refer to to the synthetic Web capability. Additionally two deployment models will adopt this simplification, AppView Enterprise for the appliance based monitoring and AppView Global for the cloud based monitoring.


Packet Capture

FlowView Plus packet capture capabilities are now identified as features of the FlowView product. The FlowView and FlowView Plus products have been sold together exclusively for over a year now and logically fit together, hence the single module name is being implemented.



Customers who have both PathView and TraceView will see a menu item for TraceView, which will open a new window and automatically log you into your TraceView account. This is a continuation of the product integration work we’ve rolled out in the past … and there’s more to come!


Features and Capabilities

All of the changes discussed here are to the branding and navigation location of product modules, there are no changes to the capabilities of the modules discussed here. You may need to go do a new spot in the navigation to access a module, but none of the capabilities of those modules have been changed in any way.


AppView Voice and Video will now be available as the Voice Test / Voice Assessment or Video Test options under the PathView menu.

FlowView Plus will now be available as Packet Capture and Packet Capture Schedule under the FlowView Menu.

Licenses and Renewals

PathView Voice and PathView Video will remain as distinct licenses you can purchase and renew on a per appliance basis. New FlowView subscriptions, as they have been for several years now, include the FlowView Plus packet capture capabilities. Customers who have purchased FlowView or FlowView Plus subscriptions prior to the merge can continue to renew the specific components, additionally organizations who have explicitly had the Packet Capture capabilities disabled because of customer security policies will continue to have that capability disabled.

These changes are going live with the update on Monday, December 15th.