Monitoring the Interop Network Performance From the Show Floor!
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It’s been an exciting and busy week for the AppNeta Interop team this week. As a Cisco partner, we have integrated well into Cisco’s  ”borderless networks” theme focused on how to build out your network to optimize remote application performance and survivability.

Cisco is a premier sponsor of InteropNet, a cornerstone of the Interop event built in collaboration with hand-selected, innovative vendors and volunteer engineers who come together to create a completely interoperable network using the industry’s most cutting edge technology.

It’s also been a busy week for the Interop network itself.  We decided to have some fun and check out the network performance of the Interop show – with so many vendors, partners, attendees critically dependent on the network, we thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at how it is performing this week.  We’re monitoring the network performance directly from the AppNeta pod in the Cisco booth across the Internet to several WAN targets.

In the screenshot below, you can see the path’s performance between our pod and one of our data center appliances in Vancouver.

Monitoring Live Intertop BandwidthThe regular dark blue ‘waves’ indicate path utilization that something is up; what appears to be a  traffic generator.  We visited the NOC help desk and showed this to the team.  With all of the network vendors here actually powering the Interop network you’d think this was well understood already.  It wasn’t and the support staff was interested in how we measured this without integrating into the network itself at the NOC level.  My answer was “It’s easy…Just plug it in.”

It was interesting to see the  ‘ah-ha’ moment from the help desk as well as from so many network managers when they see PathView Cloud in action.

Many of the network managers at the show have deployed one or more popular network monitoring tools, usually of the type that sample device performance by SNMP poling.  While these tools provide inventory and device status, performance of business services between locations is absent.  The microAppliance is getting great feedback as standout in a crowded field of ‘big iron’ network appliances and client-server solutions for network management.  People keep asking ‘what server/database/network configuration do I need to run PathView?’ With PathView’s zero administration microAppliance and the cloud based service, again my answer is very simple: “Just plug it in.”

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