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Finally You Can Monitor Your Applications and Your Network

I’m excited to announce this week’s launch of our unified solutions for Performance Management and End User Experience Monitoring, including both full-stack application tracing and unprecedented network performance insight.

You may have heard about AppNeta’s recent acquisition of Tracelytics, which we think is pretty awesome news, as it brings together innovative SaaS technologies for both application and network performance – helping our customers solve performance problems before they become business problems.

AppNeta’s newest performance management service, TraceView, the only full-stack application tracing solution for a DevOps world, enables smarter, easier Web application performance management. TraceView gives you the WOW factor with incredible performance data visualization of requests in your web application. The TraceView cloud-delivered application monitoring service covers you from end-to-end, providing insight into your ACTUAL performance data across your various application layers and hosts on which your business-critical applications rely.

So what do you get from TraceView?

  • Application Performance Monitoring: Visualize and monitor your applications for latency, or subsection of traffic, to pinpoint and resolve problems quickly!
  • Cloud and SOA Friendly: Install TraceView throughout your distributed web environment and get the complete picture of your application’s performance.
  • Advanced Analysis and Real Data Visualizations: TraceView heat maps let you select your problem and drill down.
  • Error Reporting and Alerting: Proactively set alerts to report on errors, latency and machine metrics.
  • Server Monitoring: Ensure that you’re not overpaying for infrastructure, or losing business due to overloaded servers.
  • Supported Environments: TraceView supports Java, PHP, Python and Ruby applications.

We shouldn’t be the only ones talking, so go ahead and chime in. Do you see the value of proactive application performance management? 

Team AppNeta: