Mixing Business and IT: Network Performance Prediction #2
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The countdown to 2012 continues with Network Performance Management Prediction #2 – Mixing Business and IT!  Productivity is dependent on a functioning network. If the phones are down, then so is business. Therefore, network performance solutions must provide actionable and easily understood information that can be interpreted by more than network engineers. Of course, there will be data that requires network knowledge in order to take action, but that will be the exception vs. the norm.

The solutions need to provide the context required by application, server/virtualization, storage, security and telephony teams. Web-based UIs, exception-based alerting to 3rdparty systems, historical trending through on demand or scheduled reports or web-service based API’s for integrations into other upstream systems can all allow individuals to receive information in a way that does not interrupt work-flow.

Business and IT

Do you see this happening in your business?  This prediction comes from Matt Stevens, AppNeta CTO, who wrote an article on the top 10 Network Performance Management Predictions for 2012 . Read the rest of Matt Steven’s predictions and let us know what you think!

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