Managing the Cloud
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Apparent Networks We like to celebrate our history! Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from it's inception as Apparent Networks.

Our customer announcement with BCS Global today really highlights two key points.

First, whether you’re a provider or a consumer of cloud-based applications or services, it’s very likely that you are experiencing management challenges with those services.

Second, for innovative organizations that really want to leverage the cloud, there is an effective way to address the inherent IT management challenges. It’s called “Path-based” management.

It is my contention that without an unobstructed view and a clear understanding of the end-to-end path your application traffic takes through the cloud, there is no way to properly manage that traffic – either as a service provider or consumer.  All the other network management tools out there only let measure and monitor the gear you own and control. The view they provide covers just your own environment, which is only a fraction of what you need to see and assess if you want to run your business based on distributed or cloud applications.

So it is quite clear to me that without a path perspective, cloud computing ultimately won’t work.

Whether you’re on the business side or in IT, if you’re frustrated with the performance and management information you’re getting with these new applications, we highly recommend that you take a new perspective – the Path perspective.

To manage application delivery reliably and confidently over today’s distributed, multi-party networks, you need hop-by-hop visibility all the way through – from one end to the other. Apparent Networks is the only vendor that can give you this capability today.

Keep your eye on the Path!

Jim Melvin

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