Managing Network Performance for High Security Networks and Private Clouds
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Why are more and more organizations building their own clouds, often in addition to leveraging the cost and scalability advantages of private cloud services? For many heavily regulated businesses, such as financial services and healthcare firms, demands for the highest levels of security for sensitive data have made private cloud alternatives more appealing. Private clouds also optimize the ability to dynamically allocate IT resources across business units, and can help ensure that capacity demands at peak times don’t overwhelm the resources an organization can access via public clouds.

For any organization that seeks to move business-critical services onto private cloud infrastructure, network performance becomes a “gating factor” that can make or break the success of private cloud deployments. Why? Because every cloud-based application is by definition a remote, network-dependent application – even if the cloud it runs on is in your data center. Likewise, all users of cloud-based applications are by definition remote users, because they are remote from where the services are being delivered.

To get the most from your cloud computing investments, you must be able to predictably and efficiently manage network performance. It is therefore imperative that today’s organizations continuously monitor and proactively troubleshoot their distributed and cloud-based networks. You need to rapidly pinpoint the exact location and cause of performance degradation, even within your virtualized cloud infrastructure, to ensure service quality for cloud-based applications like Unified Communications, virtual desktops and IP storage.

The challenges associated with managing the performance of cloud-based networks and other IP-based networks have traditionally been cost and complexity. SNMP-based tools are great for monitoring the health of network devices like routers and switches, but they are not designed to tell you how well the network is doing at delivering applications. Traditional netflow analysis tools are dependent on having the right network hardware in place and are labor-intensive to deploy and manage.

AppNeta has revolutionized network performance management for businesses of all sizes with its award-winning PathView Cloud solution. This cost-effective, zero administration, cloud-based service offers active bandwidth monitoring and end-to-end QoS verification, providing comprehensive performance insight to any IP address over any LAN, WAN, VPN or the Internet.

Private Cloud ComputingNow AppNeta’s PathView Private Cloud offers all the business benefits and instant time-to-value of its hosted solution in a secure, private deployment model. PathView Private Cloud can be implemented in minutes, and no data ever leaves the customer’s network. PathView Private Cloud is delivered via a purpose-built 1U rack mount server appliance, which is included with the subscription.

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