Magento TraceView Extension (by Optaros)
by July 25, 2013

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Optaros knows Magento. As the creator and manager of the largest Magento Enterprise instances in existence, Optaros knows to focus on performance, optimization and scaling. That’s why they utilized AppNeta TraceView. To help improve performance and optimization work, they created a custom extension to track Magento Enterprise specifics, and identify bottlenecks in a single click on production environments.

So many colors

While TraceView can monitor Magento sites without it, the Optaros extension adds the following capabilities with no integration:

  • Extra “layers” to pinpoint issues to specific stage of the request (bootstrap, rewrite, pre dispatch, post dispatch, load and render layout)
  • Partitions traffic based on logged-in / anonymous customers, or admin traffic
  • Group requests by controller/action (product view, cart add)
  • Automatically tag pages for Real User Performance Monitoring

This free Traceview Magento extension is available for download on Magento Connect.

The source code is open sourced and available on GitHub for further collaboration.

Want to dive in? Sign up for your free account and start tracing today!

About Optaros

Optaros is part creative digital agency, part systems integrator, and part strategic consultancy. Together, we take a holistic approach to creating exceptional commerce experiences for exceptional brands.

Optaros is 100% focused on digital commerce and the technology ecosystem that supports it. From core eCommerce and mobile to omni-channel and multi-channel engagements, we deliver next generation tools and experiences that enable consumers at every digital touch point.

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