Latest IPv6 RFC from IETF
by Team AppNeta on

The Internet Engineering Task Force, the body responsible for defining most IP-related standards, has been making a concerted effort of late to promote the transition to IPv6.  They have developed Best Practices, staged IPv6-only events for media profile, and developed subsequent RFCs (standards) that help make IPv6 easier to adopt.

The latest RFC to be released takes a bold step forward by leveraging the pervasiveness of social networks.  RFC 5514, entitled “IPv6 over Social Networks”, has recently been released (April 1, 2009) and promises to catapult IPv6 into common use.  Although an experimental RFC (as opposed to a full-fledged standard), this new work offers a breakthrough implementation.

The sole author of the RFC is Eric Vyncke of Cisco Systems (Belgium).  Not always the source of network innovation, Cisco clearly has taken a lead in driving IPv6 into the public consciousness and the Internet.  While as a standard it is available for all vendors to implement, it is hopeful that Cisco itself will continue to lead with some interesting new products that employ this RFC.

Like most standards, this one is a bit of a challenge to read.  However, it is well worth perusing to get a sense of what is in store:

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