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Despite the fact that my friends can’t keep up with the seemingly constant change of email addresses, I find myself once again at another early stage company. I’m not really sure what draws me back.  Maybe it’s a small team that you trust, day to day work that is heavy on customer interaction and light on office politics, top-tier investors or a great opportunity to make something happen; but here I am.


Apparent Networks has all of the above.

I am particularly excited about the potential to align our technologies with work that is ongoing for cloud computing. I recently read Nicholas Carr’s book, The Big Switch, and found it very interesting. First, as an engineer who has been watching the growth of the Internet over the past decade, I have wondered in the past how the coming of the Internet paralleled the coming of electricity. Where did early deployments start? How long did it take for adoption to spread? What were the barriers? What did it take to go from a light bulb in a lab to the modern world of electricity that shaped this country and the whole world?


I’m quite certain that there are parallels between the adoption of electricity and the adoption of the Internet. Kudos to Mr. Carr for doing the homework on this topic and wrapping it up very nicely in his book. It’s a very interesting read and I highly recommend it. But more importantly, I think that he is on the right track. The timing of the transition to wide adoption of cloud (or grid or utility, or whatever you choose to call it) is difficult to estimate but clearly will be long in scope. But it seems certain to me that we will live some version of that future (was it Bill Gates who said we tend to overestimate what will happen in the next 2 years and underestimate what will happen in the next 10?).


Regardless of the timing, current technologies (and economics) are pushing major IT consumers (the enterprise) to find more cost-effective ways to accelerate their business through IT. Be it solutions to increase revenues or decrease costs, technology is still the backbone of innovation. More and more often these solutions rely on distributed networks.  More and more often these solutions involve performance-critical applications such as unified communications.


Apparent Networks is the only IT performance management provider that delivers the end-to-end service insight required for today’s cloud applications. This should be interesting.


Jim Melvin

President and CMO

Apparent Networks

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