IT’s Got the Networking Blues
by Christine Cignoli on

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Happy New Year! We’ve found some interesting news and analysis to kick off 2017.

First, networking woes certainly haven’t disappeared. This CIO Insight story and accompanying survey data from networking professionals reflects some crucial concerns for IT networking teams today. For nearly three-quarters of respondents, network changes repeatedly cause performance issues, and 66% say that their network monitoring solution predicts less than half of all network performance issues or outages. And human error still plays a part in causing nearly half of network problems, according to respondents. A majority of user-discovered issues aren’t reported immediately, adding to the challenges of balancing network performance and user needs. Plus, network teams report that they still do a lot of manual checks to make sure the network is running smoothly. (Of course, we’re glad to tell you about better network and end-user experience monitoring!)

This Innovation Enterprise piece is a nicely practical look at modern cloud platforms, and which features are (or are becoming) standard. One interesting recommendation is that IT buyers should look for a cloud provider that can prove its worth with some historical data. Even as we’re moving from simply talking about cloud to actually moving production workloads to the cloud, there are new players cropping up in the market all the time. So historical data is certainly nice to have, but as with any maturing technology, it’s not always easy to get.

In Server Hugger news, Burrus Research looks at the costs—financial and otherwise—of sticking with legacy systems past their usefulness. Outdated systems caused some high-profile plane groundings and other problems last year, and Burrus also sees them as unreliable and more costly to maintain than IT might expect. So while legacy systems might appear bought and paid for, there are plenty of possible ramifications to keeping them around.

And of course, we can’t start the year off without a few predictions. Here are seven trends to watch in 2017, from GeekWire. They foresee more of the same growth and migration to cloud, and there’s an interesting discussion about whether multicloud really will become the new normal for IT infrastructure. Will you take your chances on multicloud? Let us know, and enjoy the weekend.

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