IT’s Got Money on Its Mind
by Christine Cignoli on

Happy Friday! From InformationWeek, we came across this story on the future of IT investment planning. It’s a great look at the shifts in IT roles that are happening as technology shifts take place in the data center and outside of it. The main takeaways here are that cloud services spending is practically guaranteed for IT going forward, and that network performance will surpass data center performance as the primary IT burden. Choosing where to invest network dollars will be a big decision for many IT leaders.

Understanding the modern network is of course a big part of deciding where to spend money updating your infrastructure. There’s a handy guide here on data center networking in this time of containers, hybrid cloud and software-defined concepts. There’s some solid advice here on how to navigate complexity in networking, since troubleshooting and performance look quite a bit different than they used to.

More on the money side of IT here, where Data Center Journal notes that cloud isn’t necessarily a cost-saving endeavor. That’s likely not a huge surprise to anyone who’s set up a credit card in AWS and then let servers proliferate. As IT gets more financially savvy (we hope), they’ll settle on criteria and justifications for cloud purchases and balance that with on-premises tools and business needs.

Congrats to those in IT in eastern Canada—you now have the option of better network performance for your AWS workloads! Amazon announced its first Canadian region today in Montreal, with two Availability Zones there. It’s a good reminder that cloud computing still depends on lot on physical locations to serve its customers. And, choosing cloud data centers and availability zones close to users is an important step in cloud success.

Enjoy the weekend!

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