IT pros to move three quarters of apps to cloud in 2020
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A survey of 1,283 software engineers, technical leads, and IT decision-makers from across the globe found that 45 percent planned to move the majority of their apps to the cloud in 2020.

While 88 percent already rely on cloud infrastructure in some form or another, almost half planned to shift three quarters or more of their workflows into the cloud this year. Although many reports have indicated that the big buy-in for cloud at the executive level has been driven by learnings and savings during Covid-motivated network transformations, this latest survey finds that many tech leaders simply view cloud computing as “what’s next” for any enterprise.

“We see a widespread embrace of cloud infrastructure across the enterprise which suggests that most organizations now equate cloud with ‘what’s next’ for their infrastructure decisions and AWS as the front-runner when it comes to public cloud adoption,” said Mary Treseler, Vice President of content strategy at O’Reilly, who conducted this survey. “For those still on the journey to cloud-based infrastructure migration, ensuring that staff is well-versed in critical skills, such as cloud security and monitoring, will be incredibly important for successful implementations.”

The findings also show that while 49 percent of organizations are running applications in traditional, on-premises contexts (ie. requiring hardware management), 39 percent use a combination of public and private cloud deployments in a hybrid-cloud alternative, while 54 percent use multiple cloud services.

This aligns with similar reports recently that indicate enterprise tech teams no longer need to do much convincing to get buy-in from IT decision makers about moving to cloud. A recent study from Wind River found that enterprise leaders will direct 50 percent more attention and investment into areas such as containers, and cloud-native technologies. At the same time, 75 percent of C-suite, IoT, and DevOps leaders are modifying corporate strategies – with an eye toward cloud computing – to address COVID-19 and the possibility of future game-changing global events.

As enterprises continue overhauling their workflows and moving their networks toward more cloud-centric layouts, it’s important to emphasize the point that cloud skills will need to be honed, specifically where monitoring is concerned. Without comprehensive visibility at every step of any network transformation, teams won’t be able to intelligently modify their approach as issues arise or understand the true impact of the transformation – positive or negative – across the organization.

Teams can deploy and leverage visibility in cloud environments with AppNeta’s new container-based Monitoring Point. This technology enables enterprise teams to deploy monitoring to containerized environments in the cloud to enable performance visibility, or right beside their apps wherever they are hosted to provide a network reference for dual-ended monitoring.

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