Is Your Organization Ready to Move to the Cloud?
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Cloud Computing Infographic from AppNeta
Today, many organizations are contemplating how to harness the power of Cloud Computing in order to streamline their IT processes and make their daily computing lives easier — but how many organizations are actually ready to make the switch from the desktop to the Cloud?

The many benefits of cloud computing include: the ability to access your data wherever you are; no need for bulky physical storage devices; easy scalability based on the organizations’ size; lower demands on in-house IT professionals’ time. Disadvantages to consider when moving to the cloud are limited, but may include reliance on a third party to ensure information is kept secure and confidential, and concern that when the cloud goes down access to data may also be lost. Despite these points, the positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to moving an organization over to the cloud.

The future of the cloud is promising; in fact it looks positively fantastic. Predictions and forecasts suggest that the estimated cloud computing market value for 2015 is approximately $121.1billion. Even more interestingly, the U.S. government has shown that they are willing to invest in cloud computing, and by 2014 the U.S. IT budget is expected to have dedicated $1 billion exclusively to cloud computing. The predictions for the United Kingdom are similarly impressive – in 2011 the cloud computing market in the UK is estimated to be at around $2.4 billion, and by 2014 the predictions suggest it will reach a massive $6.1 billion.

With so many clear benefits, organizations of all sizes are considering transitioning their IT services to the cloud, but many don’t realize that network performance is a critical component to successfully deploying cloud services; there is still a long way to go before many organizations can handle these changes to their network infrastructure.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the future of computing is in the cloud. For this reason, there’s never been a better time to assess your network’s performance in order to assure that your organization is ready to successfully make the big switch.

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