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It’s no exaggeration that enterprises are facing a major inflection point, where their entire operational structure is being tested or transformed. Users abruptly went remote en masse last spring, and it remains to be seen how many of the Work From Anywhere skills and habits honed during the pandemic will stick around for the long haul.

All of these converging factors (and many, many more) drove us to rethink how we’re going about delivering AppNeta’s comprehensive, valuable application and network insights to enterprises.

Our Go-To-Market (GTM) focus has always been on helping enterprises IT teams solve their core challenges, which, despite all the change in the air these days, still boils down to two main points: Enhancing end-user experience, and driving successful network transformations.

These two themes go hand-in-hand, and while they remain key pillars of every IT team’s mission in the enterprise pre-and post-pandemic, how IT accomplishes these goals has evolved significantly.

Cloud transformation surging in the enterprise

For starters, where applications live today has changed significantly compared to just a year or two ago. Enterprise teams have long been moving to the cloud, but the rush to retire on-premise, legacy hardware became business critical in 2021.

With AppNeta’s vendor and cloud-agnostic ability to deliver visibility into virtually any cloud environment, our solution is poised to deliver unparalleled value to IT teams that lose inherent control and visibility over apps when they retire HQ-centric tech for SaaS and cloud solutions.

But how could we do a better job of getting these critical insights out to IT teams?

Another factor that pushed us to reevaluate our GTM strategy is that how apps are being delivered is changing as part of these pandemic-induced infrastructure transformations. With users logging on from home (and eventually from anywhere), enterprises now have no choice but to rely on direct-to-internet, VPN and other networking technologies to deliver workflows out to end users.

While teams could more readily visualize connections within or between brand offices, for instance, fully remote workers (ie. those logging on from their kitchen) rely on a bevy of stakeholders to deliver traffic from where their apps live down to last-mile (or even last 50 feet) residential connections.

How can we help support specific transformations that pose the biggest challenges to enterprise IT teams today?

It didn’t take long for us to realize that we can reach a much broader enterprise audience when we partner with solutions providers that are focused on a specific transformation project, whether that’s migrating to a new UCaaS or CCaaS solution, or overhauling from one CRM to another.

We also realized that by partnering with technology and solution providers that are “in the weeds” with the enterprises going through their critical transformations, we can start to better communicate the value of AppNeta by speaking in the relevant GTM language.

Whether it’s a value-added reseller, a specific kind of SaaS solution, or an enterprise partner well versed in aiding businesses on particular transformation journeys, our Global Alliance partners can add a unique value to their offering via AppNeta’s actionable app and network insights.

Whether through product integration, white labeling or just sharing GTM messages, we want to usher alliances through the necessary stages, and determine how it drives success for the enterprise.

Get to know me, John Tewfik

And now a bit on why I’m the guy to lead this new initiative.

Having worked with AppNeta from the start (founded in 2011) on the Customer Success and Solutions Consulting side of the business, I’m well versed in all the network challenges thrown at some of the biggest enterprise companies on a daily basis.

I know first hand that no network or network transformation is identical, and whether enterprises are dealing with challenges that are unique to their industry vertical, geography or customer base, we want to be sure we’re working closely with the partners that enterprises trust.

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