Hybrid Cloud: An Appliance for Every Garage
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The siren song of “The Cloud” draws the over-worked and under-appreciated I.T. leaders from around the globe thanks to the phenomenal, inherent benefits of scale (both up and down), cost and flexibility.  Yet, despite the obvious appeal, the practical realities of meshing internal, production-level networks and their related management systems with services offered from the public cloud are daunting to most — and feel completely out of reach to many.

Enter the hybrid cloud.

Ok, I can almost hear the “whatevers…” coming through my iPad’s speaker as I write this post – but this is real.  Similar to hybrid automobiles, hybrid cloud architectures tie together two different “engines” for one common result.  In the case of hybrid cloud, it’s a matter of intelligently and securely combining on-premise solutions with services that run in the public cloud. This  integration enables the local context and perspective of your own private network to be centrally managed from anywhere, anytime, without having to locally deploy complex and expensive management infrastructure.

microappliance from appnetaPathview Cloud is one example of a successful hybrid cloud model.  How so? From day one, it has leveraged a zero remote administration appliance that sits at your location and knows how to securely “phone home” to the public cloud-based distributed, multi-tenant back-end.  Our first PathView appliance – the PathView microAppliance – has already exceeded our wildest dreams with over 3000 of these tiny wonders serving several hundreds of our customers’ daily remote performance management needs.  The microAppliance’s zero-remote administration, very small size, super low power consumption and unmatched performance has clearly resonated well within our customer base.

Building on the same core elements that has made the microAppliance a hit, today we’re announcing the immediate availability of the microAppliance’s big brother – the PathView rackAppliance .

The rackAppliance takes all of the goodness of the microAppliance and steps things up a notch by offering even higher capacity and scale along  with dedicated built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports (complete with full auto-bypass!) for our FlowView Plus packet capture add-on module.  This means that a single PathView appliance can run all of our integrated modules (PathView, AppView and FlowView Plus) from a single appliance and enable end-to-end Layer 1 thru Layer 7 network performance visibility without the need for any external taps or access to span/mirror ports.  In fact, there is no re-configuration of your existing network required at all – simply decide where in the network you want visibility into your network and the rackAppliance can drop right in.  With the built-in auto bypass functionality, should the rackAppliance be powered off or have any other unplanned interruption (power, hardware or software related…), the rackAppliance automatically removes itself from the network path and your network behaves as if the rackAppliance was never there.  Of course, you’ve probably already figured out that all this goodness comes in a standard 19″ width, rack mount form factor.  It’s not “micro” but it’s not very big either – its 1” high, 11.5″ deep and consumes about 45 watts of power on average (psssst, it’s not really about the hardware…).

So, like your favorite hybrid automobile, the PathView Cloud service (as delivered via a hybrid cloud architecture) will net you far more mileage per I.T. dollar spent and it is greener too.

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