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Here at AppNeta we want every candidate, regardless of outcome, to have a great experience during the application and interview process. Although we build custom interview plans for each open role, we would like to share more about what you can generally expect and include some helpful tips.

At its heart, our process is founded in a desire to build a representative and inclusive workforce via a fair and unbiased hiring process. We encourage every candidate to be their authentic selves, ask lots of questions, and maybe, even have a little fun along the way.


Whether you find an ideal opportunity at AppNeta on our LinkedIn Page, our Careers Page, or somewhere else entirely, your journey starts with submitting an application. Typically this will include attaching your resume, answering a few short questions and clicking Submit. We won’t make you re-enter what’s already on your resumes, so in a majority of cases this will only take a minute or two.

Go-ahead, hit the button, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Review your resume before submitting. Is there any role specific experience that you should be highlighting?
  • Cover letter or no cover letter? We rarely require them but we will read them. If you think it will help set you apart from other candidates or if you feel there’s something you want to explain about your application, go for it!

You will receive an email confirmation when you’ve successfully submitted an application.

EVERY application is reviewed by a real person and we aim to respond to every application within a couple of days but this timeline can be impacted by a lot of things. Rest assured someone is working hard to make sure your profile is being reviewed and responded to as quickly as possible.

People Operations Interview

The hiring team has reviewed your resume and is excited to learn more about you! The first step will usually be a phone call with someone from AppNeta’s People Ops team.

On this call you will be able to learn more about the company, department and role; beyond what you can see on our website or careers page. We’ll also have some questions to help us better understand how your skills, experience, and preferences align with the opportunity.

This call typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes.


  • Do some research about AppNeta before the call. Do some googling and check out AppNeta Resources.
  • Prepare and ask questions - what is most important to you when you’re evaluating new opportunities? Ask us anything! Transparency is one of our core values.

Hiring Manager

Your call with People Ops went well and there’s mutual interest in moving the conversation forward! Next up - the Hiring Manager.

Here you will have the chance to learn more about current and future initiatives, priorities, day-to-day expectations, leadership style, key touchpoints elsewhere in AppNeta and whatever else you’d like to know. Our hiring manager will have some specific questions for you to better understand your capabilities and interests and how you would complement our existing team. We’ll also be looking for unique skills or experiences that would bring something new to AppNeta.

This is usually a video meeting that is scheduled for 30-60 minutes. Technical roles may include a follow up assessment that takes an additional 15-20 minutes and can be done at your convenience.


  • Re-review resources on our website and elsewhere so you’re ready to dive into the details.
  • Study the job description and be prepared to talk about how your experience aligns with it. If there’s a gap between your past and what we’re looking for, be ready to talk about that. We’re not expecting perfection but self awareness is a good thing.
  • Be curious and prepare some good questions to ask the hiring manager.
  • Don’t stress out. Our hiring managers won’t bite.

Team interviews

You’ve met with People Ops and the hiring manager. Things are going well. What’s next? An interview with key members of your future team and usually some folks from other teams that you would regularly interact with.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about how the team works internally and with other teams across the organization. You will also get a feel for the personalities you’d regularly interact with.

These are typically a series of 30-45 minute 1:1 video interviews scheduled over the course of a couple of days. Occasionally, these interviews will have more than one AppNetian on the call and or run longer than 45 minutes. Each AppNetian will have a specific area to focus on with their questions.

*Software Engineering roles will include a collaborative coding exercise in this stage.*


  • Think about your past experience interacting with teammates or colleagues on other teams. What worked well, what didn’t work well? What would you like to know about how AppNeta works?
  • Check out your interviewers profiles on LinkedIn. This might help you come up with some questions.
  • Our team will be excited to meet with you. Make it clear to them that you’ve done your research and are equally excited about meeting them and the opportunity to join the team.

Final interview or presentation

We are very impressed! Great job! Now onto the final interview.

Depending on the role this may be a 1:1 follow up with the hiring manager. For customer facing or management positions this may be a presentation to a few AppNetians. Entry level sales interviews will include a role play. Maybe you’ll meet our CEO, Matt!

Whatever the format, this will be the last opportunity to make an impression and learn about AppNeta.

These sessions usually last between 30-60 minutes.


  • We want you to be comfortable and confident so you show us your best. Ask questions ahead of time if you’d like some clarification on format or content.
  • Review your notes from earlier interviews and incorporate what you’ve learned into this interview/presentation.
  • Get your outstanding questions answered! This is the time to get everything out there.


If you’ve made it thus far in the interview process (and into this blog post ;)), thank you! We truly appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into getting to know us and bringing us up to speed on how awesome you are.

At this point our interview team will meet to make a hiring decision. We know it’s important to be quick and will make this a top priority for everyone involved.


Congratulations! We’ve decided to extend you an offer! Your future manager will call you to talk through the details of our offer. Shortly afterwards People Ops will send over the written offer letter and supporting documents via email.

In Closing

Hopefully this has provided you with some helpful insight to our interview process. If you have any questions at all along the way please don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter. Good luck!

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