How to get business-level KPIs when users WFH
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How can enterprise IT teams ensure end-user performance when workers are accessing their apps from home?

Solving this problem is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the litany of last-minute challenges thrown at enterprise IT lately.

The crux of this challenge is that enterprise teams don’t own or control the “last mile” connections that most (if not all) of their users leverage to access workflows from home. What’s even worse is that very few workers have access to business-level network capacity – let alone equivalent upload or download speeds – over the connections delivered by residential ISPs.

All of this makes performance hiccups practically an inevitability as enterprise teams move from supporting a few remote offices to hundreds or thousands of home-based workstations.

To help get ahead of issues impacting WFH users, teams need to first understand what they’re working with when it comes to the new stakeholders involved in connecting end users with corporate network resources. This includes gaining a true understanding of the performance of ISPs, for instance, responsible for that “last mile” connectivity at each home location, as well as ensuring that the amount of capacity delivered to an individual user’s home is adequate for the job.

But gleaning these insights shouldn’t come at the expense of network capacity, or add another layer of complexity to an increasingly complex network management system as a result of the unprecedented “rush” to WFH.

To gain this, teams need to leverage network performance monitoring that can actively track traffic delivery across the entire network, including into those last-mile connections that might be hindering production.

Fortunately, AppNeta Performance Manager leverages a combination of active and passive technologies that enables IT teams to see the network from all sides without forcing them to hit pause on all network activity.

AppNeta is primed to deliver continuous active network analysis with test frequency down to 15 seconds, which is critical in helping IT pinpoint network issues in near real-time and to resolve performance problems before they impact end users, preventing an avalanche of productivity delays in the process.


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