How Much Bandwidth Do I Really Need?
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Bandwidth is a coveted resource in most offices. Since businesses rely so heavily on the internet, it’s imperative that your organization has adequate bandwidth to support the day-to-day workload. Without it, businesses can come to a screeching halt.

Every organization needs a different amount of bandwidth depending on its size and the type of applications that are running on its network. Instead of just purchasing a whole bunch of extra bandwidth, it’s imperative to first do an in-depth analysis of your network. This analysis will help you gauge how much bandwidth is actually needed to make everything run smoothly. Plus, if you know how much is needed, you won’t waste money on excessive, unnecessary bandwidth.

Follow these 4 key steps to determine how much bandwidth you actually need:

  1. Look at your organization’s network utilization now.
    • Use network traffic analysis solutions that offer deep packet analysis to determine how much of your network each application is utilizing.

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2. the applications that are using your network to determine which ones are necessary.

  • To make the audit easier, set up rules that categorize applications (i.e. general, business normal, recreational, business important) in order to better understand what type of activities are stealing your bandwidth.
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3. Calculate what’s currently on your network and how many people you’ll be adding over a determined amount of time.

  • You’ll want to add buffer bandwidth dependent on your organization’s projected growth and how frequently you want to reevaluate your bandwidth moving forward. 

4. Monitor network performance and traffic usage before, during and after your bandwidth migration. 

  • This helps you understand before the migration, during migration, and after migration. A picture will be painted of how the conversion worked for the better.

Following these four steps will allow for growth in your company while eliminating any potential outages along the way. With the analysis, you’ll no longer be in the dark about your bandwidth usage and needs.

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