Go Cloud or Go Home
by Christine Cignoli on

‘Tis the season for technology predictions in 2017. This one goes in-depth on the job skills that will be most important in the year ahead. There’s nothing too extreme (we’re not actually hiring robots yet) but mobile and big data jobs, two trends a few years back, are at the bottom of this top ten list. Programmers and help desk employees are in highest demand. Any and all of these job roles will likely be involved with cloud apps and services in some way.

Those workers should probably see cloud as a big opportunity and more than just a project, as Juniper’s CIO says cloud migration is inevitable. Even bulky legacy apps like ERP systems will eventually move to cloud, he says. And IT teams should think of themselves as integrators, rather than as builders. In that vein, he thinks migration tools will become especially popular to help businesses move apps to the cloud. We’re confident that IT will stay in charge of all their apps, no matter where they are.

Though cloud has become de facto for many businesses, there are still some “last-mile” barriers to cloud adoption, described by Azure’s CTO. He goes so far as to say that if IT doesn’t get on board with cloud, they’ll stymie the business since it won’t be able to compete.

We’re hearing a lot about the concept of multicloud lately, and this is a helpful overview of what the term means exactly, and what the choices for organizations are when choosing cloud these days.

Finally, one of our favorite topics—end-user experience—came up in this tech predictions piece. Almost half of survey respondents for Computerworld’s 2017 forecast said that making customer satisfaction or customer experience better is their top business priority for IT to address in the year ahead. Good customer and user experiences are super important these days—and can be monitored, measured and quantified.

Till next week, enjoy the waning days of 2016.

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