Global Connectivity – AppNeta Visits Partners in Florida and South Africa!
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Our AppNeta Team is globetrotting this week! Stretching  across the world, we have AppNetians in South Africa for the launch of PathView Cloud with partner Vox Telecom!

Additional team members are down in Florida for the HTG Q4  conference. And here in Boston, we are getting almost the same weather as these warmer areas with unexpected temperatures in the 60’s!

AppNeta Goes Global 1

Our first session kicked off last night at 6:30 and we were busy straight through until 9:30!  It was great to meet our existing HTG Partners including Blue Jean Networks, Lamm Technologies and K&R Network Solutions! We had some great conversations, ran live demos, caught up with partners and discussed some exciting opportunities. All in all, a very exciting time in the world of MSP growth and we are looking forward to the next one!

#HTG2011 has a live twitter board running at the conference! Check out the latest news and updates from HTG members and partners! We saw our partners and colleagues sharing their micro-blogs on this dynamic bulletin.

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