New Features in Burndown
by September 6, 2013

Filed under: Performance Monitoring

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A few months ago we announced Burndown, an open source web application for tracking the progress of Github milestones. For those of you that missed out:

Harnessing the power of the mighty Github API, Burndown provides a dead simple way to generate a burndown chart for any Github milestone. This is helpful for tracking both progress and performance, as well as identifying what work remains.

Well we’re happy to let you know that we’ve been hard at work adding some new features and bug fixes to Burndown!

30 Day Summary

You can now view a “30 Day Summary”, which provides a high level overview of your repository. This chart tracks the number of issues that have been opened and closed over the past 30 days, regardless of milestone. This is useful in determining if your team is making positive traction (i.e. closed issues > opened issues), especially when it seems like the number of open issues in your repository never drops.


As you can see in the screenshot above, Bootstrap is on fire with over 1300+ issues (this includes pull requests) closed over the past 30 days!

Filter Milestone Issues by Label

Milestone issue lists are now filterable by label, which you’ll find along the left-hand side of your issue lists. This is a helpful feature if you use labels on Github to tag issues for team specific actions (i.e. QA, Test, etc).


Milestone Enhancements

Finally, we added a few UI enhancements to our milestone view:

  1. Set Due Date: a quick link for users with admin access for the repository to set a due date on the milestone.
  2. Progress Bar: know the exact process percent of your milestone at any time.
  3. Days Open Column: know the length an issue was open and identify long standing issues that are becoming stagnant.


Got an idea for a new feature? Do you use Burndown to help keep your team on track? We’d be happy to hear your ideas or how you use Burndown, so feel free to drop us a comment or create an issue!