Gartner IOCS 2020: Networks “transforming” faster than ever
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Last week, the AppNeta team took to Las Vegas for the 2020 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies (IOCS) Conference, where leaders and learners across the tech landscape converged to discuss where things stand today and get a sense of the future of enterprise networking.

As expected, the many flavors of network “transformation” underway across the enterprise space was a major talking point throughout the show, both on the expo floor and in the sessions and Q&As throughout the show.

Both SD-WAN and AIOps were popular topics at the show. With a number of AIOps vendors represented and a few talks in the core speaking tracks it’s clear that the early stages of adoption are here when it comes to sorting through the mountains of data collected daily in the enterprise.

SD-WAN, in particular, which has been an increasingly trending topic at Gartner IOCS and other conferences for years, was a recurring theme for many of the people our team was were able to speak with throughout the show. This makes sense, as we’ve observed trends like “direct-to-internet” are increasingly becoming the go-to method for connectivity for enterprises looking to streamline their operations and infrastructure to better support cloud workflows, SaaS adoption and the rise of the remote worker.

The higher volume of conversation regarding SD-WAN shows that the market for these solutions is better defined than in years past – thanks in no small part to the recent MEF standard for SD-WAN that’s gone live since last year’s show. As a result, there’s more consensus around what these solutions should deliver and a stronger sense of which solutions are leading versus which are lacking – and the supplemental solutions needed to fill those performance gaps.

We found this interesting because as teams adopt new technologies like SD-WAN to make management of thoroughly-transformed network backbones easier, they’ll inevitably need to employ a monitoring strategy that complements this transformation from the planning stages through to post deployment. While many SD-WAN solutions offer some level of performance monitoring, teams need a high level of granularity into all of their apps, users and end-to-end connections between locations to both ensure the project goes off without a hitch, as well as to ensure the transformation is delivering as expected.


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