Gaining user insights without burdening network capacity
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With teams going remote en masse and across industries, network infrastructures are already being put to the test as a wealth of cloud and web applications travel across diverse network environments to keep far-flung teams in sync. That’s why it’s never been more important that the tools IT teams use to manage and monitor network performance aren’t themselves putting added pressure on capacity-stretched network backbones.

Ensuring that the tools knowledge workers leverage to keep business running are performing to higher-than-ever user standards requires comprehensive, hop-by-hop visibility across the entire WAN infrastructure. Unfortunately, many organizations are balancing a tradeoff between full visibility and the impact it has on their environment.

That’s because many legacy monitoring solutions can’t test the performance and availability of enterprise networks without sapping up an impactful share of network capacity in the process. With end users relying on valuable network bandwidth now more than ever to drive business, many IT departments are wary about deploying monitoring solutions that can only deliver key performance indicators (KPIs) at the expense of end-user experience.

Avoiding a false compromise

By sacrificing this visibility, however, IT teams will be blind to a host of issues that will only cause bigger remediation headaches down the line. Teams won’t be able to identify the true state of the network ahead of transformational projects, for instance, not to mention accurately forecasting the impact or return on investment of the whole undertaking.

Teams also need this comprehensive, end-to-end visibility to ensure rogue applications or “shadow IT” aren’t impacting the performance of business-critical tools, which can be harder than ever to track when IT teams don’t own or control the network pathways between users.

Ultimately, however, the monitoring solution teams leverage to understand KPIs can’t itself be adding “weight” to the network by sapping up valuable network capacity, or forcing engineers to deploy old-school flooding technologies that effectively grind networks to a halt.

AppNeta Performance Manager

Fortunately, AppNeta Performance Manager leverages a combination of active and passive technologies that enables IT teams to see the network from all sides without forcing them to hit pause on all network activity.

AppNeta is primed to deliver continuous active network analysis with data frequency down to 15 seconds. This is critical in helping IT pinpoint network issues in near real-time and to resolve performance problems before they have a chronic impact across the rest of the network, preventing an avalanche of productivity delays in the process. We’ve automated this data collection to arm teams with actionable insights that automatically pinpoint network or application problems so IT can move quickly to speed up mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

AppNeta’s patented active network and app monitoring combined with remote office-level deep packet inspection bundles a wealth of network monitoring techniques that historically would have required the deployment of multiple solutions. By marrying these techniques into a single, comprehensive platform that allows teams to visualize their entire distributed network, AppNeta helps IT simplify their monitoring and management stack while actually gaining more actionable insights.

Our accurate capacity measurements only require 2 Kbps speeds to actively track performance across all of the third-party networks and cloud environments between end users and network resources. This allows valuable network and capacity to remain allocated to the business-critical tools that knowledge workers require to help drive business success from the remote office.

Teams never need to lose sight of their knowledge workers as a result, and can take a proactive approach in resolving pressing issues before end users are ever impacted.

AppNeta is unique in that we can deliver active visibility into hundreds of applications from a single monitoring point, with secure, compressed, and automatic identification and analysis of more than 2000 applications. That means our solution can be put to work quickly and without a steep learning curve in understanding the tools that mean the most to your business.

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