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From Boston to Austin: DrupalCon 2014

Another year means another Drupalcon for AppNeta! We had a great experience in Portland last year and we’re looking forward to our week in Austin. This time around we’ve got four AppNetians attending: myself (James), Kristin, Rob, and Dan.

Just like last year, we’ll be giving live demos of our products with a focus on Drupal performance. Our community-built Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 modules received glowing reviews from developers stopping by our booth. Of course, that makes sense – they’re our most popular user-contributed extension to TraceView!

More interested in the future of Drupal? We love early adopters at AppNeta, which is why our booth at Portland was the first to feature a live Drupal 8 site. And as early adopters ourselves, we made sure it was running a Drupal 8 port of the TraceView module! Back then, TraceView was one of the first contrib Drupal 8 modules; one year later it’s one of the oldest.

(Of course, ask away if you want to see a demo of something else! AppNeta TraceView also supports other PHP apps, Ruby, Python, .NET, and Java.)

Just a few days ago I updated the TraceView module to support the most recent Drupal release, 8.0-alpha12. Now that alpha releases are more stable, getting it running was easy enough. However, I took the opportunity to finally remove the module’s support for hooks (most of which have already been removed) and watchdog (which has been deprecated in favor of a PSR-3 logging system). Making use of dependency injection has had tangible benefits: fewer modules and fewer lines of code! I’ve even given a talk on the steps we took to get it working.

Of course, Drupalcon is about more than product demos! We’ve worked out a schedule that ensures we all get some time away from the booth. You’ll be able to spot my coworkers at some of the use case sessions as they learn more about why people use Drupal and what performance problems they’ll encounter as their sites grow in popularity. Meanwhile, as the only Drupalista in our group, I’m much more interested in learning about architecture and development so I’ll be spending my time on the Sensio track instead.

Outside of the event, we’re all excited about exploring Austin. Geoff on our sales team used to live there and gave us some great local tips about where to eat and what to order. The weirdest one on there? Whole Foods! Apparently their headquarters is worth a visit.

Are you headed to Austin too? We’d love for you to swing by and say hello! We’re at booth 408 in the exhibit hall starting during the opening reception on Monday and continuing through scheduled hours the rest of the week. Don’t worry if you’ve already seen what we do or are one of our customers already! We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to over the past year. Plus, we have some awesome swag for anyone who stops by!

James Meickle: James started as a hobbyist web developer, even though his academic background is in social psychology and political science. His favorite language is Python, his favorite editor is Sublime, and his favorite game is Dwarf Fortress.