AppNeta Harnesses Power of Big Data Insight for Network Traffic Analysis Service
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AppNeta’s FlowView Solution Offers Breakthrough Performance Insight Together with the Speed and Scale of Big Data Technology

BOSTON — November 19, 2013 — AppNeta, the technology leader of Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, today announced the launch of its big data architecture developed to provide customers with granular visibility into network and application usage to assure and optimize application performance, security and productivity. AppNeta’s enhanced FlowView service brings industry-first speed and application intelligence to the traditional network and flow analysis market.

The value of big data for network traffic and flow analysis is in the ability to see across all networks, applications and users to understand how IT resources, and in particular network bandwidth, is being distributed and consumed. With AppNeta’s FlowView service, customers can finally see exactly who is doing what on the network, down to the specific application or smartphone in use. With this real-time insight, coupled with long term usage history, customers can spot trends and outliers, pinpointing where performance problems are originating and why.

“AppNeta’s primary mission is to provide our customers with easy access to actionable insight needed to understand if their critical applications are being delivered to their end-users successfully or not, ” said Matt Stevens, CTO, AppNeta. “ With AppNeta’s big data architecture, our customers can now see long term trending and real-time insight all in one place. The network is such a key piece in the successful application delivery chain, and our customers need to know which users are running which apps across locations, and how that usage affects other critical application performance.”

AppNeta’s new big data architecture is designed to scale to more than two trillion unique metrics per month enabling customers to better understand the current and long term analysis of their application and network performance. The FlowView big data back-end leverages a two-stage data pipeline built upon two distinct noSQL technology stacks. These stacks work together to deliver both highly sustainable new data ingestion rates while concurrently allowing users to run large, complex queries across massive data sets and get results back in seconds. Stage one provides real-time ingestion of new Flow data at more than 85,000 flows per second (FPS) per flow source, and scales to thousands of concurrent sources with five-minute flow granularity and real-time deep packet inspection (DPI) for application identification per source. Stage one handles any queries for the most recent 24 hours of data and analyzes any newly captured data within a maximum of five minutes from actual application activity. Stage two takes over for any queries with data older than 24 hours and provides up to 90 days of historical analysis.

AppNeta’s FlowView service features an extensive application library with more than 1,800 applications. New applications are added and categorized monthly so that customers automatically have insight into the latest websites and applications in use on their network. The FlowView service is designed to scale from individual remote offices to enterprise datacenters, monitoring and analyzing all network traffic and flow data between locations and to the Internet. The SaaS-delivered service is deployed in minutes on any network and requires no server or database management.
AppNeta is transforming the application performance market with full stack APM insight. By bringing visibility such as network traffic analysis and usage data into the broader performance picture, customer teams can look across the application code, to the network, to the end user, and finally understand root cause. With AppNeta full stack solutions, customers save time and frustration by finding the problems instead of pointing fingers.
AppNeta’s full stack APM solutions for mobile and web applications include:

  • Code-level application performance monitoring
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Application-aware traffic analysis
  • Network health and performance monitoring

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AppNeta is the Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) technology leader, providing integrated performance visibility into the application code, through the network, to the end user. AppNeta's SaaS solutions give Development, Application and IT Operations teams broad, detailed performance data to see across their web, mobile and cloud-delivered application environments and pinpoint tough performance bottlenecks. With AppNeta, customers have all of the performance data they need to assure ongoing and exceptional delivery of business critical applications and end user experience. For more information or to get started today, visit

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