Flow Analysis: See Detailed Remote Site Network Usage, Without Breaking the Bank!
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Before business productivity became dependent on the Internet, smaller companies didn’t spend money on flow analysis data. Even enterprise companies didn’t invest in expensive network hardware capable of delivering flow information at the scattered remote offices. It was never a concern until the Internet became a business and personal life line – and pipeline – regardless of location size. Personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. can consume as much bandwidth as laptop.

IT staff are employed to ensure business data reaches the desired mark. With employees doubling up on bandwidth, network engineers must battle the negative results like slow networks, dropped calls, application failures, transfer/back up failures, unhappy users and potential job loss. All this because Skippy the intern was streaming Netflix on his iPad, sending emails from his smartphone and running Spotify on his laptop. All companies, regardless of size, need to monitor network traffic and usage.

So, here’s the problem. Flow enabled routers are expensive, especially for a small location. Also, companies don’t always have a dedicated IT support staff at the remote sites.  Current flow tools require expensive software, server installation, a device capable of generating flow data and manual re-configuration of network devices. Without a dedicated engineer on site with flow expertise, a flow implementation can be a futile effort.

Luckily, AppNeta has filled this gap. The new enhanced flow capabilities require ZERO configuration and installation and NO expensive flow enabled devices. The new charts (non-tech user friendly) and intuitive drilled down visibility shows who is doing what on your network – including who is using which applications, visiting a which websites and other end-user activity to and from a host computer.

Flow Analysis Demo

AppNeta’s flow capabilities are enabled by a cloud service, just plug our microAppliance into your network (fail-open built in) and see real time data within minutes, eliminating the need for in depth expertise. IT teams can remotely monitor the network usage of remote sites from their office laptops, or even from mobile devices since the updates made are in HTML5.

To walk through the new flow updates to PathView Cloud, watch the recorded webinar, or to see FlowView functioning in real-time on a livenetwork, click through the 24/7 live network monitoring demonstration.

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