Finding Web Performance Problems Before Your Customers Do
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In an era of new technologies and an ever-increasing presence of the Internet in ordinary life, the pressure to optimize Web performance for IT, development, business professionals and application owners has never been higher. Today, user satisfaction is everything:

  • Your customer-facing Web application must perform seamlessly if you don’t want your customers to flee to the competition.
  • Your mission-critical internal applications must over-perform. When critical business applications such as CRM systems, hosted email, collaboration tools or healthcare and financial record services slow down, so do your employees and partners.

A slow Web application impacts your bottom line – from lost revenue or brand damage, to employee productivity, IT overtime and additional support costs. Here are a couple of quick stats to illustrate this point.

Aberdeen Group: A one-second delay in Web response time can reduce conversions by 7%, page views by 11% and customer satisfaction by 16%.

Forrester Consulting: The average online shopper expects your Web pages to load in two seconds or less; after three seconds, up to 40% will abandon your site.

One of the best ways to maximize business revenue, protect your brand and increase IT/employee productivity is to proactively monitor your applications from an end-user perspective so you can find Web performance problems before your customers are affected.

With the recent release of PathView Cloud with AppView Web you can do just that! AppView Web continuously monitors your applications in a non-intrusive manner, and it doesn’t require any scripting skills. AppView Web is equally as powerful for internal, enterprise Web applications as it is for public cloud services.

AppView Web 1

Use AppView Web to:

  • Proactively monitor any Web applications on a 24×7 basis using the same network circuits and from the same remote sites and locations that your end-users do.
  • Perform real-world user transactions including authentication to accurately assess the application performance of your most critical Web transactions (i.e.  shopping carts, CRM record retrieval, etc.) experienced by your end-users.
  • Identify common problems such as slow Web application response times from a key location, failed transactions or errors  before your customers are even aware that there is a problem.
  • Zero-in on the root cause of Web performance issues. With a simple click, AppView Web users can drill down from the overall performance of their Web application into the specific application steps and get a detailed view of Web page/object performance so they can identify the root cause of a problem on the server-side, network side or browser side.
  • Verify performance for each object within a page to ensure that third-party objects embedded in your Web apps are not slowing down your site and negatively impacting user experience (i.e. Google Analytics, Marketo, Facebook or Twitter feeds, etc.).

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