Family First: Finding the right fit to grow your career
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When Tanya Blinova first started at AppNeta, planning for a family wasn’t really on her radar. But as she was able to grow her career with AppNeta, she came to realize she could rely on the support of her work family to give her the flexibility she needed to start a family of her own.

In the more than seven years Tanya has worked at AppNeta, things have changed a lot. Not only has she become an integral leader on our Vancouver team and moved up the ranks to Senior Engineering Manager – where she takes the lead on designing and deploying our latest platform enhancements – she has welcomed a beautiful daughter as well.

Here’s Tanya’s unique take on how being an AppNetian affords you the ability to balance your personal and professional lives without ever having to compromise.

1. Was our parental leave policy part of what attracted you to AppNeta?

When I first joined AppNeta, there wasn’t a formal parental leave policy in place, and really planning for a family wasn’t a priority for me. To be honest, the benefits of a formal paid leave policy weren’t something I even really considered until I needed it.

Once I was ready to grow my family, everyone on my team here was super flexible and gave me all the support I needed to take care of myself and my daughter. Having had a child and experiencing so much support the first round, I know that if my husband and I were going to consider another, we’d have the full support of my AppNeta team.

2. What was the situation at your previous employer?

When I started at AppNeta, I was just getting my career off the ground and really hadn’t had a similar work experience to reference. I grew a lot with AppNeta, which is rare these days – many people don’t find an opportunity that fulfills them for the long haul like that, and I feel lucky to find such a supportive organization.

3. How has this flexibility impacted you and your family?

As a Russian immigrant, finding time to visit home can be a struggle, as trips to visit my parents involve a lot of planning and logistics – especially after the birth of my daughter. To actually fly there and back with a young child in tow – which itself is a massive time suck – and to have a meaningful visit requires a lot of flexibility.

My husband had no such leeway in terms of his PTO, so the ability to lean on AppNeta’s accommodating work policy is absolutely key to keeping my family connected, and I was able to take four weeks off to make sure my daughter got a chance to meet her grandparents.

This kind of flexibility has been invaluable at many moments during my career at AppNeta, and has ultimately helped build up my trust and commitment to helping drive our shared success. Whether I need to make a trip for pickup at daycare, or stay at home with my daughter when she’s sick, I never have to make a compromise that puts family second.”

If you’re looking to start your career with a company that cares, check out some of the openings on our career page to see if there’s a role that might work for you.

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