Family First: “Come to AppNeta; have a baby!”
by Lauren Stenstream Lauren Stenstream on

“Come to AppNeta; have a baby!” is a frequent half-joke that gets told whenever we’re onboarding new team members.

The reason for the comedy is that often when we tell prospective AppNetians about our flexible PTO and sick leave policies, plus our flexible parental leave, it’s almost comically hard to believe: Perks like these are just not common at most growing tech startups.

In fact, this helps define something else that’s unique about AppNeta: While other tech companies churn through young talent, we go out of our way to make sure that team members are comfortable sticking with AppNeta for the long haul. We do this by making it so that nobody has to compromise their personal lives at the expense of their careers.

This is a big part of why February will mark my fourth year with AppNeta – almost unheard of on the fast-moving Boston tech scene – and I’m hardly even close to the most senior team member!

Lauren Stenstream

Since starting with AppNeta, I’ve been lucky enough to grow my family, giving birth to my first child in 2017 and my second just a few months back in March. A big reason my family has been able to grow is because AppNeta covers 100 percent of any employee’s maternity leave with no out-of-pocket expense to workers. So when I needed to take 12 weeks leave after giving birth to my first child, not only did I not have to worry about supporting my growing household, but the AppNeta family was there for me every step of the way, from hospital visits to well wishes.

AppNeta’s commitment to family-first was doubly on display when my second child was due. Along with welcoming a new baby into the fold, my husband started a consulting business this past fall, which made my paycheck essential as he got operations off the ground. It’s hard to imagine what kind of restrictions my family would’ve had to reckon with absent AppNeta’s family first policy.

It’s a sentiment that goes beyond family-first and to just trusting and supporting your employees, no matter what life throws at you. In fact, in one of my clumsier moments, I broke my right foot while on my lunch break last spring and the team could not have been more accommodating. Not only did our CEO, Matt, initially offer me his parking pass so I could avoid crutches on the train, but when it was clear that driving with a broken right foot was impossible, I was permitted to work remotely until I was all healed up.

At the end of the day, the friendships and the personal investments that you cultivate while working at AppNeta are always reciprocated. While many working moms often choose not to return to an employer after their maternity leave, I feel a strong commitment to AppNeta. They’ve shown their commitment to me, and I couldn’t dream of not coming back to my AppNeta family after a leave.

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