Family First: Building engagement by giving support
by Anthony Younes on

UPDATE: Just in time for the holidays, Anthony and his family welcomed their latest addition (and newest AppNetian!), Lucas!

In the almost four and a half years I’ve worked at AppNeta, it’s an understatement to say a lot has changed. When I first joined as a Sales Enablement Manager back in 2016, the company hadn’t enacted it’s flexible (and rare) parental leave policy quite yet. But when I started making my way up the ranks and building the professional career and personal life I wanted for me and my family, those perks were both available and invaluable.

More invaluable, however, was the support of my managers and those at the top here at AppNeta, who truly walk-the-walk in giving employees all the support they need to never feel like they’re compromising while giving their all to the company.

At my previous employer, it felt like there were “brick walls” up between employees and departments. You didn’t know the names of your teammates’ spouses, let alone how many kids they had at home; you just knew they were in early and out late on a nearly daily basis.

At AppNeta, however, our coworkers are a family, but not in the sense that they substitute or are the compromises we make for losing time with our actual relatives. We bring our kids and spouses with us on work outings, and we never have to compromise when we need to put certain familial priorities over work.

That’s what makes working here so different than probably any other fast-growing tech company I can imagine. The support my managers and company leadership has given me has made me want to go the extra mile in seeing the team succeed and putting in the hours necessary to meet our shared goals. And this support has been reciprocated every time I’ve needed to be there for my wife and children.

Because I came to AppNeta, I was able to get to a place in my life professionally where my wife and I could settle down, buy a house, plant roots and start planning for children. During my wife’s first pregnancy, she was naturally concerned (as you’d expect of a first-time mother) that the demands of a high-pressure sales job were going to keep me away when she needed me the most.

I confidently told my wife “you’re going to be begging me to go back to work before you know it – that’s how much I’ll be around.”

With three weeks of paternity leave to help establish a rhythm for how our family would work with a newborn, I was right, and we were both itching for me to get back-in-action when all was said and done.

Now, things are very different as we await the arrival of our second child. As I type this, my phone has been out on my desk as my wife is ready to give birth (literally) any moment now, and I know that once I get that text, I’ll have things covered. As a more senior member of the team this go-round, I have a larger team under me that can help cover things while I’m away, but even when that wasn’t the case, I knew the leadership had my back.

And because of this support, I’ll be just as engaged on my first day back as I am today.

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