Family First: Being a father of 4 and never having to compromise
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Whenever anyone is thinking about taking a job with a new company, work-life balance or harmony is certainly a consideration. Depending on where you are in your life’s journey, this consideration can mean different things, and how much it factors into your decision can vary. As a father of three when I joined AppNeta, and now a father of four, work-life balance is all about family time, and it’s pretty important.

There are definitely some benefits that a company can offer to make you feel comfortable that you will have the balance that you need, but at the end of the day a company culture that is committed to making sure that each employee is able to achieve that balance is what’s really required. This means having the space to do what you need to outside of work to come in refreshed, engaged, and ready to be a productive corporate citizen. This also means that the leadership of the company actually cares about your life outside the office and not just what you can do to help the company succeed.

One example of a benefit that really requires that support from company leadership is the “unlimited” vacation policy. Instead of accruing vacation days, you are able to take vacations as you please, as long as you are able to be accountable for your responsibilities and your manager approves.

Great policy in theory, but I’m sure that the skeptics out there would say that the workload is such that no one ever takes vacations.

I’m also sure that is the case at some companies, but at AppNeta the consistent message from leadership has been, “We want and fully expect you to take vacations in order to recharge and get the rest and relaxation you deserve for all of your hard work.”

In less than two years at AppNeta, I’ve taken my family to Disney World, California, the Finger Lakes twice and Cape Cod twice, not to mention the days I need here and there to help raise four young children. It’s incredibly refreshing to feel fully supported by my manager and other leaders here to take the time I need away from the office.

Not missing the little things…

Beyond days off, there are a number of times I need the flexibility to get out of the office early so I don’t miss out on my kids growing up. Sure, we work hard here and sometimes put in extra hours at the office, but when I need to get home for little league, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, or swimming it’s no problem, and I know that means a lot to the family.

A great example of this came up last year when we shifted our fiscal year to a May 1st start date…let’s see, that puts the last day of our second quarter on October 31, d’oh! I never had to even consider what I was going to do about Halloween because my manager made a point of grabbing me to tell me I had to get out of the office early to hit the trick-or-treating trail. On the last day of the quarter. In sales.

This focus on work/life balance is not just of great personal benefit, but it makes perfect business sense to me. If the aim is to have your workforce be as productive as possible, then they have to be engaged. What better way is there to increase employee engagement than to show through your actions that you really care about the well being of your team members? Building a company culture that demonstrates leadership’s real concern for every employee also engenders that same attitude among peers. When you have a team that truly cares about one another, everyone is willing to go the extra mile for their teammates and success is inevitable.

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