Extending Our Support for Your SaaS App Monitoring
by TR Jordan on

At AppNeta, we focus on meeting the needs of technology professionals who build and operate custom web apps, as well as those who support the end-users of SaaS-based external applications. Our SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) solution was developed to provide technology professionals with visibility into the end-user experience for critical SaaS and cloud-based business apps. SAM measures the performance, availability, and usage of SaaS applications across the enterprise.

Initially optimized for Salesforce, SAM is living up to its potential with the addition of Quick Start Synthetic Workflows for Office365 and Athenahealth. These new Quick Start Workflows help AppNeta users monitor Office365 and Athenahealth applications from the end user, through the network, all the way to the SaaS application provider. The workflows do not require scripting and can be implemented in minutes. Getting started is as easy as entering your user credentials for the given application.

AppNeta’s Office365 Quick Start Workflows make it easier for IT teams to manage and monitor the application’s performance and availability for the 420 million worldwide users of Microsoft’s SaaS applications.

To learn more, check out our press release announcing SAM’s Quick Start Workflows.

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