Even the Cloud Has Its 1%...But the 99% are Forging Ahead Quickly
by Christine Cignoli on

For your weekly dose of industry numbers, let’s start with this: Just 1% of cloud survey respondents will use no cloud services at all in the next two years. That’s according to the Interop ITX/InformationWeek survey on the state of cloud computing. We’re curious how even that 1% is managing to avoid the rapid rise of SaaS apps and public cloud that continues apace.

We’re hearing and thinking a lot about multicloud deployments lately, and Cloud Technology Partners lays out some areas of consideration when you decide to go multicloud. Architecture, operations, security and vendor management will all be essential, with CTP noting that operations may need the most attention. Cloud operations efforts and related skills and training are make-or-break for IT teams today.

Closely related, but not the same thing, is hybrid cloud, which also continues to grow. Microsoft’s Azure adoption news this week backs up the survey numbers and analyst predictions with actual usage growth. The company saw its Azure cloud service use more than double last quarter as they strategize to be a major hybrid cloud player.

It’s still only January, so we’re still finding interesting tech predictions for the year. Big thinker Mike Matchett offers his take on what we can expect this year in enterprise IT. He sees cloud and hybrid cloud as really, truly, entrenched in the enterprise this year, and recommends that you think hard this year about how big data analytics in the cloud can help your business get ahead.

And finally, nice details here on the hardware backbone of this whole cloud computing thing: Facebook and Google have built their own hardware like switches and circuits, but Amazon is going further with its own high-speed network. They headed in the custom-built direction for cost reasons, but the reliability has been the biggest benefit. Also of note is that AWS standardized on the not-so-standard 25 GbE speed and are continuously developing around SDN principles.

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