Online Retailers: Have You Monitored Your Site Lately?
by TR Jordan on

Now that the holiday shopping season has officially started, online retailers are seeing an increased volume of website visitors and transactions. And, since more people are turning to the Internet each year to purchase their goods and services, e-tailers can expect the biggest rush yet of online holiday shoppers.

Based on the website crashes of holiday seasons past, e-tailers know they must ensure that downtime, performance issues or denial-of-service attacks don’t impact their service during the holiday season. It’s critical they think about the site user’s experience, as any shoppers who are dissatisfied with their site experience will just go somewhere else next time. If an e-tailer’s network or ecommerce sites underperform this holiday season, shoppers will turn to competitors and potential revenue will be lost. And once shoppers have turned to other sites, it will be much harder and significantly more expensive to bring them back.

E-tailers who are prepared for the holiday shopping season blitz will ensure the networks supporting their website do not get clogged with traffic at times of peak demand by monitoring, troubleshooting and managing the real-time performance of the applications their business relies on, including payment providers, shipping services and even the public Internet. E-tailers need to determine whether they have a performance problem before their customers inform them. They need to explore where the problem resides (in the code or on the network?), what is causing the problem (inefficient queries, degraded internal or external services, poorly performing CDNs, etc.), and how to address the problem.

E-retailers also need to continuously validate the performance of their website, making sure that it is responding quickly enough, especially when people are searching for specific goods. E-tailers should also look for a tool providing performance management across wider networks, including the Internet, to identify whether the network is the cause of a performance problem. They need to gain insight into their website’s performance from the site visitor’s point of view, so they’ll always know exactly how well the end-to-end network path is delivering their e-commerce experience to visitors.

With an integrated application performance management solution centered on how their end users are experiencing their website, e-tailers would be able to conduct ongoing, unified application and network performance monitoring that ensures website and network readiness and continuous quality customer experiences this holiday season. The AppNeta full-stack application performance management suite provides this integrated, user-centric performance monitoring approach, delivering optimal network and application performance, even beyond the holiday season.

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