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I was glad to hear that Equal Pay Day is gaining some real attention this year. At AppNeta, we’ve held up the value of gender pay equity since our founding. Equal pay is a fight women have been engaged in for a long time, and we’ve worked hard to make sure AppNeta is a place where equal pay is a given for women--not a fight.  

So we’re glad to get some third-party help from Glassdoor on these efforts and join them on Equal Day Pay by pledging our commitment to equal pay for equal work and experience. They’re doing important work in making the equal pay struggle more visible to encourage more businesses to pay women equitably. By taking the pay equality pledge, we are formally telling our employees, candidates and the world that we are committed to equitable pay practices.

In the U.S., women earn about 76 cents per dollar earned by men on average. The causes of the gender pay gap are complicated. Measuring the pay gap and understanding why it’s happening are important steps toward closing it.

Equality Talk Is Cheap

Of course, like any struggle, it’s not enough to get a badge of honor. We’ll continue to work on ways we can support the female members of our workforce and community. To validate our policies and salaries, we consulted with an expert third party in this area, and while we were pleased with the results in terms of making sure equal pay is the standard at AppNeta, we also recognize we need to be constantly working on the issue. Talk is cheap, but we’ll continue to take action and encourage our fellow tech companies to do so too. Paid maternity and adoption leave and generous leave to care for family are concrete ways we support women and families at AppNeta. New mothers, depending on tenure, get up to 20 weeks of fully paid leave, while illness recovery or caring for a family member brings up to 10 weeks of paid leave. We also provide time off specifically for employees to take care of tasks like school conferences and dentist appointments.

Today, AppNeta's workforce is one-third female. They are leading the way for future women of all ages who will benefit from their example of thriving in what has been a typically male-dominated industry. We're encouraged that as more companies present a unified front, women will be paid the same as their male counterparts as they enter the workforce and for their entire career.

Equal opportunity and equal pay for women can only make us all—men and women—better employees, better leaders ... better companies. Make sure to check out the #standforequalpay hashtag and check out Glassdoor’s pledge and ongoing research, plus other companies who have pledged commitment to equitable pay practices.

We’re proud to stand with them.

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