CEO Notes: End User Experience Monitoring For The Rest of Us
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As another workday starts on Thursday July 26, I wanted to share – needed to share – a glimpse into life here and how we are dramatically changing the way IT organizations manage application performance. AppNeta is revolutionizing Performance Management and will change the course of where this industry goes over the next five years.

Ok, so let me explain a little bit more. It all started with a new way to look at network performance; through the cloud, across an MPLS or VPN fabric, indeed any IP network.  Need detailed performance insight to keep critical apps running?  For 12+ years that has been at our core.


You may not have noticed, but over the past 24 months, we have quietly rebuilt this company from the bottom up.  Our customer base now ranges from the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, and ITOs; to leading internet content/commerce properties; to regional MSPs delivering advanced services that keep mission-critical apps running.  Network insight?  Of course.  But, we have now added Application Tracing inside the data center to pinpoint application bottlenecks in complex SOA applications; deep traffic analysis in the data center OR at your remote sites to understand bandwidth consumption (and to battle BYOD challenges).

Unlike any other solution available, AppNeta offers a Unified Performance Management solution that includes the broadest End User Experience Monitoring suite with the deepest network performance visibility.

PathView Cloud with AppView Web enables 24/7, deep End User Experience (EUE) Monitoring, delivered from the users’ perspective.  Now, I am not going to get religious here on the battle of End User Experience and topics like Real User Monitoring (RUM) vs. Synthetic (because very soon we will offer ALL of the above), but I will make the case for EUE monitoring from your remote sites.  Let’s say you are a hospital chain, or a bank, or retailer, or any other company with multiple (or thousands) of remote sites.  Your business runs on IT apps, and these apps are all migrating to Web-based technology.  No debate.  How do you know how they are running?  Instrument the data center?  YES! This must be done.   But what is happening at the remote site?  Where is the bandwidth going?  Is the carrier delivering to their SLA?  What Web performance are my users seeing? AND WHY?

Today, major internet properties have Keynote and Gomez for their commerce apps. Period. AppNeta now delivers Web Application Performance Monitoring for the rest of us.

See what you’ve been missing.


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