Enabling More Workflows for Your SaaS App Monitoring
by Sean Armstrong Sean Armstrong on

More and more companies are implementing SaaS applications for conducting their most critical business processes. With SaaS apps, the IT department may not be responsible for providing technical support, but they are responsible for ensuring a positive experience for the end-users in their organization.

We developed our SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) solution to provide technology professionals with visibility into the end-user experience for critical SaaS and cloud-based business apps. With SAM, they can measure the performance, availability, and usage of SaaS applications across the enterprise.

Through the addition of Quick Start Synthetic Monitoring Workflows, SAM is being optimized to support the most widely used SaaS apps. We’ve previously announced SAM’s support for Salesforce, Office365 and Athenahealth. Today, we announce the addition of Quick Start Workflows for Google Apps and ServiceNow. With these new workflows, AppNeta users can monitor Google Apps or ServiceNow from the end user, through the network, all the way to the SaaS application provider by just entering their user credentials for that application. No scripting is required and the workflows can be implemented in minutes.

There are over five million businesses worldwide who are using Google Apps or ServiceNow. With our new Quick Start Workflows for those applications, it’s now easier for them to monitor and manage the experience their end users have with those applications.

To learn more about the SAM Quick Start Workflows for Google Apps and ServiceNow, check out our press release.

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